The New Home Page

Today it's

Weather Dashboard for St. John's

meteoblue - with more map features

St. John's International Airport Arrivals powered by Airportia Flight Tracker

Conventional Current vs Electron Flow

Animation of Copper Wire

Resistor Color Code Calculator / Tester - 4 Band

Resistor Color Code Calculator / Tester - 5 Band

Ohm's Law and Power Calculator

Analog Meter Reading Tester

Simple Series/Parallel Circuit

Waveforms for Series AC Circuits

Laws and Theorems of Boolean Algebra

Adobe fillable form: 5-variable Karnaugh Map

Tely 10 (2022)

Stafford Analogue Design


Voltage Divider Calculator

Resistor Value and Ratio Calculator

Falstad's Circuit Simulator

Javascript Interface Example

It's been a while since I've had a working page on the web (since 2018?). A number of factors are in play here.

The old server exists but cannot be written to. Management worried about security issues means they were reluctant to provide new space. A lot of links on old pages are dead because they were Java or Flash.

So the new home page! Not sure what it is or what it will be. At this point, it has an educational feel, since I'm either crafting new content to replace dead applets or a home for my applets that still work.

Last Modified: September 06, 2022.