SVG Animations

Today it's

Weather Dashboard for St. John's

Conventional Current vs Electron Flow

Electrical Conduction in Copper

Resistor Color Code Calculator / Tester - 4 Band

Resistor Color Code Calculator / Tester - 5 Band

Ohm's Law and Power Calculator

Analog Meter Reading Tester

Simple Series/Parallel Circuit

Waveforms for Series AC Circuits

Vernier Caliper

Vector Addition

Laws and Theorems of Boolean Algebra

Adobe fillable form: 5-variable Karnaugh Map

Tely 10 (2022)

Shan, Shui - Procedurally-generated vector-format infinitely-scrolling Chinese landscape for the browser

Stafford Analogue Design


Voltage Divider Calculator

Resistor Value and Ratio Calculator

Falstad's Circuit Simulator

Javascript Interface Example

The web has evolved. Security issues in java and flash led to their removal from the web, which has meant a lot of applets created in java and flash no longer work. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and Javascript are a poor replacement. This site will evolve.

The future is promised to no one. But at present it will center around SVG and Javascript, with an emphasis on engineering and maybe a little of falstad.

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Last Modified: December 01, 2022.